Our Legal Team

Gilbert Vara, Jr.

Attorney at Law

For more than 30 years, I have practiced law with an emphasis on litigation and appeal of disputes involving civil law matters.


Lynn M. Broderick


Since the creation of Mr. Vara’s firm in 1993, Lynn has been the firm’s Paralegal. Lynn has a thorough knowledge of civil litigation, corporate, real estate, estate planning, and probate.


Krystin N. Miller


Krystin is a tremendous resource to the firm and its clients and brings a steady, precise, knowledge of the court system, trial work, and transactional matters.


Client Testimonials

Several years ago, an unreasonable lawsuit was filed against me and my family. I hired Mr. Gilbert Vara, Jr. to represent my case, and that decision is one of the most important ones I have made in my life. Mr. Vara and his very capable Legal Assistant, Krystin Pechacek, treated me in the most professionally proficient manner, handling matters on time and always corresponding with me, while maintaining a friendly and approachable relationship.

Then, when the time came to take the deposition of the person who filed the lawsuit, Mr. Vara questioned her with dignity and professionalism. I was impressed by this man who I would definitely call a Gentleman. I’m happy to say that Mr. Vara won this lawsuit for me. Therefore, I would highly recommend the law firm of Gilbert Vara to anyone, and should the need arise, I will call him again.

— Linda M.

When dealing with legal matters such as divorce, my expectations were to keep it as simple and as stress-free as possible. Gilbert Vara certainly made that happen. Gilbert sat with me upfront and went through the details of my situation in order to fully understand my needs as well as what I should expect from him.

He took time to discuss my case, and also took time to understand me personally. Gilbert was very clear in laying out a plan for my benefit, how the matter will proceed and finally come to a close. I was able to talk through anything I did not understand and he and his staff were very helpful keeping me updated with the progress of my case. Finally, the case came to a close as simply as possible and without surprises.

— Robert C.

Latest News

Addressing elder identity theft

Identity theft is the illegal use of someone else’s personal information — such as name, Social Security number, driver’s license number or bank or credit card information — to make purchases, borrow money, open a cellphone account or get a credit card. While anyone can fall victim to identity theft, senior citizens can be particularly vulnerable. That’s because more people, such as home health care workers, nurses, family members and other service providers they tend to rely on for assistance, may have access to personal information that can be put to nefarious use. A number of states, including, most recently,…..

Medicare Advantage ‘risk adjustment’ may affect care

Unlike traditional Medicare, which runs on a fee-for-service arrangement, the Medicare Advantage program pays participating private health plans a flat fee every month to provide whatever care a patient needs based on their age, gender, geography and risk factors that impact their health. To cover patients with expensive conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, Medicare provides a higher monthly payment using a “risk adjustment” for each such condition. So the unhealthier the patient, the more the plan takes in. Unfortunately, this has created an incentive for unscrupulous healthcare companies to game the system by adding codes to patients’ medical…..

Is your loved one being unduly influenced?

“Undue influence” is a legal term that refers to a vulnerable person, such as an older or ill individual, being influenced by someone else into doing something that doesn’t reflect their actual wishes. For seniors, this often comes in the form of someone manipulating a senior into signing a will or coercing them into giving someone control over their financial affairs. In order to prove undue influence, you need to show that the victim was susceptible because of a physical disability, physical dependency and/or mental or psychological condition. You also need to prove that the person exploiting them had an…..

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