Probate & Guardianship

Mr. Vara is an experienced probate attorney knowledgeable on matters facing today’s clients who live with the loss or incapacity of a loved one. A client who is appointed by a court as a dependent or independent administrator, guardian, or personal representative faces complex fiduciary responsibilities and administrative challenges, Mr. Vara and his skilled, professional staff reduce the time, stress, and cost to a client by advising how best to administer and probate an estate for eventual distribution to its beneficiaries or manage a guardianship by determining the best possible decisions affecting the ward’s life and finances.

Your concerns are our number one priority. If you need legal representation but do not know where to begin, please contact us.

Dispute resolution in probate or guardianships can involve litigation, mediation, or arbitration. In fact, probate becomes much more complicated when an executor, trustee, or guardian abuses his or her authority. Mr. Vara evaluates claims for clients where a personal representative, executor, or trustee violates his/her duty of trust in managing estates, trusts, and guardianships. Mr. Vara also defends clients who are erroneously accused of such a breach of fiduciary duty. In evaluating these types of claims, Mr. Vara’s substantial experience has helped clients facing allegations of the misuse of fiduciary responsibilities, accounting, and reporting, including the misappropriation of funds.

Due to the breadth of his experience, Mr. Vara is frequently appointed by the probate courts as a certified attorney ad litem in guardianship, probate, and trust cases to represent minors, the incapacitated, the elderly, and to investigate and evaluate unknown heirs who require competent, thorough, and professional legal representation.

Mr. Vara and his staff respond quickly to all inquiries and will evaluate a case to determine the best fee arrangement, whether hourly, fixed, hybrid, or contingency based on obtaining a successful outcome.

The Law Office of Gilbert Vara, Jr. is located in the San Antonio medical center in a beautiful turn-of-the-century facility called The Ariel House. The office serves clients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley. Contact us to arrange for an initial consultation.

Our Legal Team

Gilbert Vara, Jr.

Attorney at Law

For more than 30 years, I have practiced law with an emphasis on litigation and appeal of disputes involving civil law matters.


Lynn M. Broderick


Since the creation of Mr. Vara’s firm in 1993, Lynn has been the firm’s Paralegal. Lynn has a thorough knowledge of civil litigation, corporate, real estate, estate planning, and probate.


Krystin N. Miller


Krystin is a tremendous resource to the firm and its clients and brings a steady, precise, knowledge of the court system, trial work, and transactional matters.

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